Give subscriptions to our intelligent assistant that provides well-being and peace of mind to the user and ensures that, regardless of your industry, your advertising will be seen at a very low cost for an entire year, along with other great advantages.

The assistant brings all the information about what a person should do for their health throughout their life, even the things they don’t know, and always reminds them in time, in addition to other very important utilities.


Our intelligent assistant works just as effectively for pet care or car maintenance.




Additional benefits for you:

Our gift its completely original, exclusive and new.

Your message last for one year and your user Will thank you 365 days of the year because it brings peace of mind and well being

Use one section of the area for your advertising and the other for your distributor advertising or both sections for you that could have a link to the page of your interest on your website. It Will be the only advertising that your users will see all the year.

Once a month during the first 4 months we will export non confidential data base of your subscribers (gender or sex, age, city) so that you can decide groups and change the message one time each month, 365 days.

If you wish, we are a great method to suggest to your current clients that they recommend your gift to others helping you to increase your databases and generate new customers.

You have the whole year to distribute it and its very economic.

Book yours in the countries of your interest.

How does it work?

Acquire intelligent assistants at a very low cost, which include messages, notifications, and reminders for the health of your clients or their pets

We’ll generate a personalized code for you to share with them, so they can access the platform and subscribe in either English or Spanish, based on their preference.

Once registered and the profile is filled out, your client will enjoy the benefits for their health or that of their pet, and your company can showcase its advertising on the user’s screens for 365 days, as well as utilize the other significant marketing advantages listed in the other tabs of this website

If you want, we are a great method to suggest your current customers to recommend your gift to others and thus increase your databases and generate new customers.

Take advantage!

We are the perfect excuse for your customers to actually see your advertising for a whole year WIN – Generate Greater Impact We will send you a 10% Bonus and we will also include your advertising in 4 of the reminders you send system to user