You can apply it to several countries and we will provide you with the information on the users that are activated for each one, allowing you to segment and publish an ad for each group according to your objectives, if you wish.

The announcement of each group can be changed up to 1 time a month during the 12 months of the subscription. he user can activate the service in the language he want

Subscription prices for service with 1 year duration
with its advertising on each of the users screens

• You will have a unique code that identifies your company. You can communicate it to your customers and they can activate the subscription

• Your code will be valid for a period of time (for example 3 months) so in that period people can actívate your gift in or

• Payment must be made by transfer to our current account once the terms are established

• We must have the arts that you want us to publish initially in each of the activations with a link to your website for each section or taking the two as one

• During the first 4 months we will export once a month the database with non-confidential data (sex or gender – age – city) of the users and you can make groups and advertise differently for each one of them for the period that you define

• Our success depends on your success and that’s why we want to be your best ally

• Limited quantities, Book yours in the countries of your interest